iN mY Conference

hello, see me again.
I just back from Semarang, and you know.. i really hate my life there. you know what????
because i sick there. So, i cannot continou my session conference and i skip my conference since day 2 after our presentation. Exactly, our expansion presentation. i really disapointed with my friend, because that presentation really boring, make boring. Beside, i work that presentation until 5.30 am, i only sleep 1 hour and must get up for praying, breakfast and join in the conference again. that really tire. and than after the presentation i was sick… not very lucky.
so, i back to hotel and leave the palce plenary for the rest in my room. i really tired. i don’t think so i will sick, ijust need some rest. but, my body suddenly hot. and my had is confused. so, my LO n OC SnL really shocked and really on edge. i’m very sorry oh my OC, cause of fuse you. But, I really thank You, thank You so mUCH. i dont know about my destiny if you not there.
i sick in five days. and my friends, like you Vivi… you is my hero too, you give me something if i need something. oh.. you is my best friend. When I sick, you know???? i cannot a lot of eat, i cannot eat. that food really bad for look. and that bad smell in my nose. but, must eat so i just eat for 2 or 3 spoon for take medicine.
i need spirit again to heal my body. and Now,  my cough and my flu keep in my body. so< MUST SPIRIT>>>> Yeyeyeyeyeye SPIRIT……..
oh.. Ya ALLAH, give me YOUR spirit… So, i can do somthing better again, KEEP Try to Give Better for my live
I’m Really Sorry for yOU Guyssssssss… if You don’t understand what i say, because i just try to write in English for add my vocabulary about English… So, give me spirit guys for my study, to study hard about my English. Now, try to write and speaking English…
If you try too… i Give my SPIRIT to YOU… SO, Let’s Study Hard for better Future…
^__^ SMILE>>>>….


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