Fighting on Night!


Fight for your DreamPagi-pagi aku terbangun. Pagi itu aku terbangun di rumahnya emi chan. Kami makan pagi bersama. Hari ini aku harus berangkat ke kantor lagi. Akupun mandi dan bersiap-siap ke kantor.

Nothing special for today. Just prepare for my class. I made a lesson plan. Than start the class on time. As usual, I said “good afternoon” for afternoon class and “good evening” for evening class. Than I said “How are you?” to start the class.

My class more crowded day by day. They was closer as a friend. Seem like, they made a good friendship each other even though they was not from the same school. Happy to show it. They also was so active in class. I like it.

I must always fighting for them. I must try and try to give the best that I can. I will try to make them happy to learn English. I love you my student ^^

After that, I was back to emi’s house. We was continue our study. That night very tired but still need to study. So, fighting my self and emi chan. Let’s catch up our dream. Let’s try to learn and never stop to do it. Never stop to catch up our dream.

Hopefully, we can do it with Allah swt. help. Just showed to Allah swt. that we really want it. Emi will go to Japan and I will go to Korea in 2015. Insya Allah. Amin.

Semangat ^^

Alhamdulillahirabbil`alamin 🙂

Makassar, 13 November 2014


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