Letter for my self


Dear my self,
Its been two years, hows your life?
I hope, these past two years make you realize that ….

I hope now you just achieve your goals that you set 2 years ago about ….

Hope you that now you become …
I’m very happy for you because …
Keep make your parents proude of you about … and keep believe with your dream. Because if is not you, who else?


I get the template from lcc right now, 1 des 6.06 pm. From kikih as chair in the first lcc held by aiesec unhas 😉

Thank you for you. To attend in this confrence, share your experience what you ever got because of AIESEC. Hope I can make this letter for my self later after this conference. I hope also next year I can go exchange and my exchange can make me to realize my self and show me about the world that I should change to be better.

I believe after back from this conference I can realize something bad and change it to be better. Yeahhhh, lets do it 😉



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