My Initiative summary


I just send my application for UNESCO Training. One of required document is Successful initiative summary. This is the summary that I made.

My first initiative is since I’m deciding to be one of the Founder Team of AIESEC Expansion Universitas Hasanuddin. I made it since 2009. Why we want to build this organization? It’s because no one organization like AIESEC at that time. Also, we want to have an organization in Makassar that can be connected with more people in the world. That’s why we put our effort to achieve the target to get the status of AIESEC in our city. Then so many things happen.

The first time we build this, we face so much hard time. It’s because no one knows what AIESEC is. We made the info session but just 4 or 10 people who ever come in our event. Our member also just few people. But we keep doing and explain “what is AIESEC?” Keep making an info session and also open stand in campus. To attract more people to make them know and join in this organization, I made initiative to expand the market segmentation & promotions in some university in Makassar and make the first Exchange Fair. Also we do some promotion in some media such us campus radio, Prambos Radio, and Fajar News Paper at that time. I choose 6 University, and make the info session and open stand in there. Also, I and team were inviting them to join in our big event, Exchange Fair 2013. Keep doing the promotion is a must.

The big event, Exchange Fair 2013, successfully held. The target that we plan was achieved. We plan to gather 200 participants and the participants who attend were 210. All participant also happy and enjoy the event. It shows in the comment that participant stick on the comment board before leaving the plenary after the end of event. Time by time, many people know more about AIESEC and want to join in this organization. Now, we already have more than 100 members who participate to make a social project (project have done & running: Tourism, literacy, HIV, and Social Entrepreneur) and also running the organization. We also have some media parner which is Soulmaks Magazine, Fajar News Paper, and Eventku Magazine. Also, our status increase to Official Expansion which is officially named and recognized as part of organization in AIESEC International.

The thing that I learn is commitment to do something and never give up, never lose hope will bring the spirit to done the job. Never stop doing something, bring the successful in this life.

Thank You.

Hope not too late sending my application. Amin.



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