This blog belongs to someone who really loves having a lot of friends from everywhere. 

A story behind the existence of this blog is when I saw my friend’s blog. Then, I also want to make a blog. Finally, I made it in 2010. Alhamdulillah^^

This is something about me:

I belong to Allah SWT.

Child of my parents

the 5th Child from 5 Sisters

A girl

P.G.O Lovers (Purple-Green-Orange) Lover

Book Lover

Like Reading, travel, and write in my blog

Looking for friends all over the world

Engineer from UNHAS

Ready to go to the beautiful place that Allah Create

Get the Master in Korea (Soon to be, Insya Allah. Amin)

Want to be a person who can useful and helpfull for People

always happy^^

The most place that I want to go: KOREA, MAKKAH, CANADA, SWISS, JEPANG, NEW ZEALAND


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